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eVUE is a hybrid cloud medical imaging management system, classically known as a PACS (picture, archiving and communications system).  


Hybrid technology combines the power, utility and storage capacity inherent in cloud technology with the safety, efficiency and digital imaging device connectivity of a local appliance. Image files are kept in redundant repositories residing on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and thus accessible to credentialed users via a dynamic, sophisticated viewer accessible using any modern web browser; Edge, Chrome, Safari, any time and from any place. 


To complete the hybrid design, eVUE comes with a minimal setup and low maintenance local network appliance; SmartLink. This appliance seamlessly acquires images from medical image digital devices, caches the files for immediate viewing and sends the file(s) to the cloud repository designed for the individual medical practice, clinic, imaging center or hospital. 


Surgical Planning / Case Management / A.I.


Introducing the very latest in surgical planning, case management and device logistics. eFIT allows you to plan your surgical cases in less than a minute!  


Surgical planning is key to achieving a more predictable patient outcome. eFIT offers surgeons a complete solution based on digital x-rays to plan orthopaedic procedures preoperatively.


Efferent Health’s eCUE is a hybrid cloud based Clinical Operations Management System (COMS) that helps medical entities manage the complexities of resource and asset allocation and simplifies information distribution.  


eCUE provides tools that automate clinical operations such as scheduling and resource management. It manages information and data necessary for healthcare personnel to perform work tasks. Further, eCUE centralizes, organizes and distributes all tangible data and assets to best manage the work day of those entities involved in patient care.  


From a logistics point-of-view,

eCUE brings medical and support personnel, required assets (implants, services, etc.) And pertinent informational resources (documents, images, etc.) Together to a specific time and place Additionally, eCUE communicates individualized scheduling information to personnel who are necessary participants of an event and have the need-to-know.  

Securely Connects

Efferent’s proprietary SmartLinktm solution facilitates PHI transfers, including images between healthcare facilities, device manufacturers,
and other stakeholders without massive servers and resource allocation.


SmartLinktm uses the latest encryption and HIPAA high-tech transfer technology to move data up toEfferent’s platform in Microsoft Azure.

Setting the standard for securely sharing medical data within
the healthcare industry


SmartShare is Efferent’s image share technology that will transform the efficiency and the speed of image exchange in
everyday referrals, trauma transfers and second opinion collaborations.




SmartShare connects healthcare facilities, providers and patients for quick, convenient, cost-effective and
secure sharing of medical images and diagnostic reports—anytime, anywhere. Clinicians need instant and secure access to
images, patient data and powerful diagnostic tools – all within their preferred workflow.  SmartShare meets these demands. 

Smartshare is a highly secure hybrid cloud-based FHIR platform that enables the secure exchange of images and
patient data across organizations, desktops and mobile devices. 




Efferent Health, LLC was founded in August 2016 and is a self-funded entity with the purpose of building a successful company around developing and deploying desperately needed clinical operations automation and associated software for the healthcare industry. To accomplish this goal, the company has committed to several ongoing objectives which involve aggressive strategies in the business, operations, sales, marketing and technology components of the corporation. 


Our vision is to be the leader in medical operations automation technology that enhances medical care delivery by providing sensible and logical infrastructure and tools that streamline processes, disencumber communication lines, align resources and increase value of medical services to benefit patients and those who serve them. 


Efferent Health has developed a complete system foundation, the Efferent Health Platform built on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), this new standard is for storing and interchanging clinical information. It is the de-facto successor of HL7 V2 and V3. Additionally, our platform is built to work on the top of Microsoft Azure Cloud.





Tel: 888.805.5036

7 Switchbud Place 

Suite 192-243

The Woodlands, TX 77380



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Tel: 888.805.5036

7 Switchbud Place 

Suite 192-243

The Woodlands, TX 77380

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